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Monthly Meetings


What happens at our meetings?

The group convenes monthly to share their work in a group critique setting. This generates feedback, rich discussion, new ideas, and strengthens each member’s ability to analyze their own photography in a competent yet objective manner.

How To Attend A Meeting:

If you are interested in attending a meeting for the first time please come by:

SohoPhoto Gallery in Tribeca, 15 White Street, on the last Tuesday of every month at 6:30PM.

We ask new members to attend a full meeting to observe and participate before bringing their own work for a critique.

Benefits of our critiques:

Members learn about who they are as photographers, honing their vision of what they shoot and how they shoot, and most importantly, why they shoot it. The meetings and exhibits foster a creative and supportive space for emerging to mid-career photographers to share their images, receive critical feedback, and develop their photographic vision. The collective promotes diversity within photography and the visibility of its members.