Camera of the Month Club

Mission: The purpose of the Camera of the Month Club/Collective is to provide a creative space for photographers to share their photography and receive critical feedback, develop their portfolios,  encourage diversity within photography, and promote the visibility of group members. 


Camera of the Month Club is a unique gathering of dedicated photographers from across NYC who are as passionate about experimenting with different cameras as they are about shooting compelling photos. Members cultivate and sharpen their skills, vision, and talent by bridging the worlds of digital and analog photography.

Photography can be a particularly solitary endeavor, which prompted Erica Reade to found the Club in 2014. Camera of the Month Club is now an exciting and supportive environment for emerging to mid-career photographers, providing members with encouragement, guidance and constructive criticism. Much like a book club, the group convenes monthly to share individual photography projects and portfolios. Members showcase their best 8-10 photos on a given theme or assignment at each meeting and receive critical feedback on their work. This generates rich discussion, new ideas, and strengthens each members ability to analyze photography in a competent yet objective manner. Members develop a deeper sense of visual storytelling via feedback, and are then able to expand the breadth of their individual photography projects. 

We learn about who we are as photographers, honing our vision of what we shoot and how we shoot, and most importantly, why we shoot it. 

Today, the Camera of the Month Club boasts a consistent membership of 10 photographers, ranging in age from 20-40, of diverse races, genders, and professional backgrounds. The Club’s members shoot with their phones and cameras daily, maintain active Instagram accounts, and participate in early morning or late night photo walks together. Each member brings a unique passion to the group; whether it is a love for medium format cameras, or developing film in makeshift darkrooms, or creating haunting imagery with Photoshop. The Camera of the Month Club sought and established the partnership of the renowned community-driven photography gallery, SohoPhoto Gallery, in October 2014, where the Club hosts its monthly meetings.  

Camera of the Month Club members enrich each other's practice, confidence and knowledge, and are excited to showcase a year’s worth of their work this coming Fall in “A Year in Cameras” at QNS Collective in Long Isand City, opening Saturday October 24th at 6:00PM.



Camera of the Month Club meets on the last Tuesday of every month, at SohoPhoto Gallery in Tribeca at6:30PM, 15 White Street. New members are welcome. For more information, please visit: 




15 White Street
New York, NY 10001

All images in this template are used with permission from the photographers of Camera of the Month Club